Richard Jacobs interviews Dr. Westman: Reducing Carb Intake for Weight Loss and Diabetes Remission

Richard Jacobs interviews Dr. Westman: Reducing Carb Intake for Weight Loss and Diabetes Remission

Richard Jacobs, founder and host of the eclectic Future Tech podcast series, interviews Dr. Eric Westman. Future Tech’s mission is to “cover future technologies poised to transform our lives for the better”.

Guided by Mr. Jacobs’ insightful questions, Dr. Westman elaborates on the path he started over 20 years ago that brought him to dedicate his research and clinical practices to keto medicine, the different effects of consumed calories based on the food they came in, and the need for more research to help individuals determine their personalized ideal daily intake of carbs.

But perhaps the most interesting insight in response to the question whether keto might not work for some people, Dr. Westman observes that “you have to be very careful in finding if they are actually doing it…because in the clinical medical world you just can’t always believe what people tell you. Many with addictions aren’t honest with themselves. I am yet to see anyone for whom keto doesn’t work for weight loss when done correctly. The whole big asterisk is that you must learn how to do it correctly. People are [being told] they have to drink oils, butters or ketones when they’re trying to burn their own body fat, which I think is a big mistake. The first thing I do with a new patient is to take a long medical and diet history, and if they say ‘keto diet’ I ask exactly what they ate and drank, and ideally review food diaries or keto measurements if available. When done correctly, appetite goes down and body fat gets burned. I haven’t seen keto not work in anyone, and it probably works for everyone.”

Listen to the whole podcast below.

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